Production Assistant Work

Here are a few episodes of NPR’s Everyone & Their Mom that I played a key role in producing in my role as Production Assistant.

Everyone & Corpse Flowers: Host Emma Choi talks to comedian Negin Farsad about a stinky flower that blooms once every five to ten years. This episode has appearances by an expert on body odor, and the supervisor of a greenhouse where the pungent flower recently bloomed.

Everyone & Dolphins: Host Emma Choi and comedian Maeve Higgins have a laugh about a gross way that dolphins recognize each other, and we talk to the scientist behind the study. Then, Emma reconnects with her old professor to talk witchcraft.

Want more? You can find the rest of the episodes here. I was specifically involved with the Everyone & Their Mom episodes, which are the ones with the colorful gradient images that say “Everyone & (Topic)” on them.