About Zola

A headshot of Zola from the shoulders up. Her hair is down and she's wearing a red turtleneck with a black cardigan over it.Zola Ray is a writer, content creator and comedian. She was a Production Assistant at NPR’s Everyone & Their Mom, a bonus podcast from Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! where she contributed games, jokes and more. She is a Features Contributor at The Onion and a Contributor at Reductress. She has also written for The Betches Sup politics newsletter, and appeared as a guest on The Betches Sup podcast to offer commentary on the news. Her comedy and satire writing has also been featured on Little Old Lady Comedy and Flexx Magazine. Zola’s non-comedic writing ranges from journalistic articles to personal essays. Her work has been featured on Newsweek, HelloGiggles, BAUCE, For Harriet, Bustle, Elite Daily, The Culture Trip and Thought Catalog. She makes video content on TikTok and Instagram, as well as Twitter content that she hopes will make you laugh. She also has a Substack newsletter where she writes about mental health and life’s minutiae.