Today is New Year’s Eve, which means when the clock strikes midnight, I’ll try and kiss my cat and she will squirm away. Actually I think I might be sitting on a friend’s couch instead of my own. See people, I have a friend!

But all jokes aside, I hope everyone is getting ready for the New Year in whatever way they most enjoy. One New Year’s tradition I’ve always seen others do is list what they’ve done in the past year. I try to write lists for myself on word documents but sometimes I can’t think of anything that I did. I have a great memory for small things, but I can’t remember very many life-changing memories. Maybe next year I’ll keep one of those memory jars and put a slip of paper in it everyday with a memory written down. Or I’ll write it on a word document because that requires less effort.

Anyway, this year was a bit more eventful than others, so I can probably formulate a solid list:

  1. I graduated from college.
  2. I got my writing published online.
  3. I started seeing a therapist.
  4. I got a summer internship.
  5. I got another internship that I really like.
  6. I read books and articles that inspired me as a writer, a woman, and much more.
  7. I wore lipstick on a regular basis (for work days anyway).
  8. I did arm exercises a couple times (literally a couple, but hey, baby steps).
  9. I did about a month of Jury Duty (It was Grand Jury so it lasted 19 days).

I did more than this, but again, this is further proof that I need a memory jar. I suppose what I’ve done can fall into the general categories of “adulting” and finding myself, which I figure if you do them right, can sometimes be the same thing.

I always get a little uncomfortable when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions. I prefer to tell people what I have done than what I am about to do. I also prefer to create general goals for myself rather than concrete things that I need to complete by the end of the year. I like to tell myself that the scarcity of specific resolutions is not the result of laziness so much as the result of never knowing what is coming next. There are plenty of things I’d like to improve about myself, but I suppose my New Year’s Resolution is just to stay motivated on the path I am already on and to be more unabashedly myself without being paralyzed by what others think. That’s all for now.

Hope you all have a lovely and safe New Year’s Eve!